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    Our Services: We offer a complete set of services that not only focus on technology but more importantly your business and people. Learn more here >>>
  • Our Guiding Philosophy

    "The future is not a destination that we are waiting to get to;
    It is one that we are constantly creating.
    The paths to get there are not to be found - they are created.
    Our activities to create these paths change both ourselves
    and our Destination."

    We are a people that is passionate about the dynamics! Learn more about how our guiding philosophy drives us.
  • Industry Solutions

    No mater what line of industry your organization is in, there are two vital facts that remain constant for the modern business:

    1. Information has become the key strategic resource for any form of business and mission critical organization. This resource needs to be effectively leveraged in order for value and growth opportunities to be realized.

    2.  There needs to be a means to streamline the processes that are involved in the value chain of any business in order for bottle-necks, challenges and constraints to be overcome.

    As such, Integral Edge BI helps develop and implementing solutions for virtually all sectors, including Warehousing & Logistics, Business Administration, Advertising & Media Management, Manufacturing & Assembly, Finance & Accounting...find out more here >>>

    We deliver Customizable Industry Standard Solutions: Learn more here....
  • Our Primary Objective

    The services, solutions and technology that we provide as
    Integral-Edge BI are aimed at two essential objectives, i.e.
    to help and equip businesses and other Mission Crititical
    Organizations to:

    ■ To streamline their business and functional processes,
    allowing them to attain to the level of Enterprise Efficiency
    that will enable them to cut down long-term costs, mitigate
    risks substantially and also discorver and pursue new profitable

    ■ To grow Organizational Intellect that will enable both strategic
    and tactical decisions to be made faster and smarter.

Get to Know Us

Helping you grow Organizational Intelligence

Achieving Enterprise Efficiency

Get to Know Us

Integral-Edge BI is a modern IT company based in Harare, Zimbabwe. We are in the business of designing, developing and implementing systems that help other businesses manage their operations better and make smarter decisions faster . We also help businesses select and implement technologies from leading providers, including Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. Our core areas of specialties are with Information (Software) Systems Development, Business Intelligence Solutions and Enterprise Automation Solutions. Learn more about us here >>>

Growing Organization Intelligence

Find out how we can assist your organization become more efficient right from the point of collecting/acquiring data, assembling it into comprehensible information, managing collective knowledge right through to deriving actionable intelligence.                            Simply click here!

Enterprise Efficiency

Enterprise Efficiency, with Integral-Edge BI, is essentially the state at which your organization overcomes the hurdles and bottle-necks within its operations; leaving you free to discover and pursue other business opportunities.
We help you implement integrated systems that will break-down the departmental walls that usually deter business processes and workflows, while promoting optimized inter-departmental collaboration.
Find out more here >>>

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