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Services Overview

"We help you improve your business because technology is more than an investment. It is your competitive advantage!"

Implementing Information Technology systems within businesses and other organizations tend to make many feel uneasy, particularly if the technology is new. Often, this leads to sleepless nights for project managers and other stakeholders, exhausted budgets, employee downtime and, quite some times, business process failures. As a result, many local SMEs (who tend to be really constrained budget-wise) struggle along with obsolete, disparate (and usually manual) systems that really don't work. The result of this is minimized employee productive output, inconsistent practices (which usually walks hand in hand with bad business governance) and the inability to grow!

At Integral Edge BI we understand the issues involved in selecting/developing and implementing new technologies (hardware and software) because we have lived it ourselves, and have witnessed it first hand in many organizations that we have worked with, from businesses, government to NGOs.

As a growing company based in the developing SADC region, we are quite enthusiastic about technology not just as a trend, but rather more as an enabler towards business growth and development. One of our strong determinations is to show our clients that pursuing and implementing new technologies can be quite a positive experience that is bend on bringing growth and success.

We are here to make sure that small to medium scale businesses do not get marginalized from getting these benefits that technology offers in this highly competitive, ever shrinking global environment. We archive this by designing, developing and delivering affordable, relevant and precise customized solutions.

Our approach is simple - we work side by side with you. We're available to you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on the ability to communicate clearly and directly, without complicated language or terms.

The services we offer are distinctly grouped into four in order to deliver complete IT centric business solutions:

The Prime Objective of our Services

The services we offer are aimed at improving your business in two ways:

  • To help you streamline your operations so that your business activities are conducted faster, more efficiently and more accountably.
  • To make sure that the managers and decision makers in your business are able to access the information they need accurately, easily and on demand in order for business decisions to made faster and smarter.

The following curve shows how we help you improve your business to be more efficient and intelligent:

The Intelligent & Efficient Business Growth Curve

This curve shows how we can help your business grow progressively to become a more efficient and intelligence driven enterprise. We will be there at every stage to make sure that you get value:

  • Data: This is the elementary raw material that any modern knowledge worker needs. Without the right and accurate data about your business operations and environment, your business will basically be running blind. We will help you assess your business data needs as well as develop data capturing and/or acquisition methodologies for both in-office and field-based settings.
  • Databases: Your data needs to be stored in an organized, secure and well structured centralized environment for it to be usable. many SMEs virtually fail to make use of their data because it lies in desperate unstructured formats all over their departments, e.g. spread-sheets, loose documents, e-mails etc. We will model your business data and information needs and design, develop and implement the right databases for your business.
  • Information Systems: Databases can be quite difficult to work in unless you have thorough knowledge of how your DBMS works in additional to traditional database concepts. We design, develop and implement information systems that will enable even the least technically competent personnel in your organization to create data as well as aggregate data into more meaningful information.
  • Knowledge: Unless information is made presentable, communicated and shared, knowledge cannot exist in your organization - and without knowledge, your business will suffer inevitable decay. We design develop and/or implement knowledge management systems that facilitates for the sharing of organizational information across departments seamlessly and  furthers collaboration amongst your staff.
  • Intelligence: This is when you, as a business owner/manager or strategic leader are able to access the information you need and possess enough knowledge about your operations to make the right decisions and necessary actions. Through the use of our business intelligence solutions that include performance dashboards, data mining systems and decision support systems, you will be guaranteed to make smarter decisions faster and steer your business into a more successful future!

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